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[The blockade] amounts to a collective punishment of all those living in Gaza and is a denial of basic human rights in contravention of international law
– Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs

In June 2007, Israel imposed a total blockade on Gaza, “obstructing all communication with the outside world” (UNDP Arab Human Development report 2009). While Israel announced an ‘easing’ of the blockade in June 2010 (Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the blockade, continues to greatly impact Gaza’s population, and takes the form of closed crossings between Gaza and Israel resulting in the prevention of movement of Palestinians into and out of Gaza. Israel also prevents all access to and from the Gaza Strip by sea and air, prohibiting provision of basic goods such as food, fuel and construction materials. Five million tons of construction materials are needed in the Strip for rebuilding following the hostilities in July-August 2015 and also to meet cumulative needs; the amount of materials that entered Gaza over since the latest military offensive represents about 3.9% of total need. Furthermore, 80% of the population relies on international humanitarian aid. Healthcare services are severely affected, resulting in a chronic shortage of medical supplies, equipment and limited expertise. Gaza’s population is 1.8 million, 43% of which is under the age of 14. The need to provide sustainable healthcare and education projects for these children is vital.


Cycling4gaza was born in the wake of 2009 military offensive on Gaza, in an effort to draw international attention to the emergency humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and the effects of the ongoing blockade on its people, and a means through which to support reputable organisations that are building a culture of self-reliance and independence among Palestinian communities through long-term health and education projects.

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Our mission is to raise awareness about the ongoing blockade on the Gaza Strip and to raise funds for carefully selected non-profit organisations that provide critical educational and health support to vulnerable Palestinian communities; with a final goal of creating a sustainable project. We do this by mobilizing people from all over the world to come together in a yearly cycling challenge in a collective effort to raise awareness and resources.

Below is a list of useful resources that provide more information on the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the effects of the Gaza blockade:

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