Projects 2017



In 2015, Cycling4Gaza supported the newly launched mental healthcare project in Gaza with the PCRF, where 1,200 children were screened and subsequent treatment was provided. Due to the success of the project and the vital need for providing mental care for children in Gaza, we have chosen to support this project for 2017.

Cycling4Gaza aims to raise £200,000 in support of the Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMCB) and the Gaza Community Mental Health  Programme (GMHCP) projects in Gaza.

The Projects Aims are as follows:

– To provide free medication to patients who are in need of support
– To hire eight professional psychologists and psychiatrists to provide mental health counseling for children for the duration of one year
– To provide weekly and monthly group counseling for 200 high risk children and 80 mothers to teach them mental health coping skills
– To Support three summer camps in Gaza where counselors run intensive counseling for 200 high risk children to teach them coping skills for dealing with PTSD