The Team

1383128_10151636983050877_1616240853_nZara Hannoun

“Each day holds infinite possibilities; hidden secrets, clouded by the disarray of life. Hope & freedom are forfeited for fame & money; justice & truth are surrendered to power & greed. All the pillars collapse leaving nothing but rubble & steel. We swore to fight for justice, promised to maintain a state of peace, absolved to nurture the weak and helpless and aspired to withhold and protect the good of man. Yet here we remain on the brink of annihilation, realizing nothing more than a momentary existence. Let’s make it count.”


unnamedNatasha Hannoun

As William Arthur Ward said “Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than dream: work.” And for me Cycling4Gaza does just that, not just for me as an individual but also  for the other committee members, cyclists, donors, volunteers and supporters. Let us be the light in a child’s day or the smile on a mother’s face.




Dina Dajani

We have all wondered whether a  charity really impacts the community it aims to support or whether we, as individuals,  can really make a difference to someone’s life. After joining C4G’s 2015 cycle and learning and being a part of what it does, I was moved by the impact of the initiative on everyone involved. It manages to engage more and more people into supporting a great humanitarian cause and the best part is–it helps put a smile on a child’s face, providing them with the tools and essentials to a better quality of life. I feel both proud and honoured to be a part of this initiative!


Tamara Ben-Halim

“it is easy to forget about the millions of people in this world who live without freedom or human rights. We are working to remind everyone of the great injustice that one of the world’s communities faces, and inviting people to take action with us instead of remaining silent.”

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere — Martin Luther King.


Miral Alaraj

We tend to underestimate the power we possess to have an impact in the world we live in. What I admire most about Cycling4gaza is that it connects ordinary people with a cause, enabling them to have a sustainable impact on an entire community. After all, “we can’t change the world, but we can be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” Maya Angelou



Tala Fahoum

“Upon reflection, most of us can affirm that we owe much of our current position in life to our good health and our education. Cycing4Gaza works continuously to play its part in ensuring that Palestinians in the Gaza Strip receive quality healthcare and education, and get a fighting chance at achieving their potential in the face of adversity.”