1. How to Register

Click Here to register.

2. Registration Fees

The registration fee that covers your expenses during the cycle (hotels, board, transportation) is 880 GBP; which includes the first 440 GBP installment that is paid upon registration. The remaining 440 GBP must be paid before the 30th of June 2018. If we do not receive payment of your expenses, your place on the cycle is immediately forfeited without notice.

3. Fundraising Requirements

You are required to raise a minimum 1500 GBP directly for this year’s project.

The fund raising deadlines are as follows:





4. Repeat Cyclists

This section is specifically for cyclists who have been on previous Cycling4Gaza cycles. In order for us to continue to grow and support our initiative we are required to regulate the number of repeat cyclists we have per year. However, this time we are requesting repeat cyclists to either 1. Recruit a new individual to take part in the cycle or 2. Raise an additional 750 GBP over the 1500 GBP requested in order to confirm their place on the cycle (totalling 2250 GBP over and above the 880 GBP paid for expenses). As you are now an official part of the C4G team we expect a little more since you did so well the first and possible second or third or even fourth time round.

5. Methods of Payment

Online payment: Click Here


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