1. Dates, Routes and Accommodation Information

Day 1: Auburndale MA (Arrival)

Date – 3rd of October 2018
Hotel – Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange

Day 2: Dayville CT

Date – 4th of October 2018
Hotel Comfort Inn Suites
Distance – 89kms

Day 3: New London CT

Date – 5th of October 2018
Hotel Clarion Inn
Distance – 70kms

Day 4: Stoney-Brook Long Island NY

Date – 6th of October 2018
Hotel Holiday Inn Express
Distance – 87kms

Day 5: Staten Island NY

Date – 7th of October 2018
Hotel Ramada by Wyndham Staten Island
Distance – 110kms

Day 6: New York (Departure)

Date – 8th of October 2018

2. Flights and Transport

You are responsible for booking your own flights and are encouraged to do so as early as possible. Please arrive at Boston Logan Airport before 14:00 on Wednesday the 3rd of October 2018. You will be greeted by a Cycling4Gaza representative or a member of the tour operator’s team in Terminal C baggage claim area. Please ensure you arrive at the requested time, otherwise you will have to make alternative arrangements to reach our starting location (Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange, 144 Hancock Street, Auburndale, MA). We will not be providing transport back to the Airport in New York, taxis/shuttles can be arranged from the hotel. Buses and trains are also available; you can ask the reception for more details on arrival to the hotel.

We will use the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) service as a group to travel to the start point hotel from Boston Logan International Airport. We will meet at Terminal C baggage claim at 2:00 PM and will take the Silver Line Bus to the Red Line MTBA (or “T”) South Station, then take the Red Line (South Station) to the Green Line (Park Street), then the Green Line (D Train to Riverside Station). It will take approximately 75 minutes to get the the hotel.

Please send your flight details to Cycling4Gaza at info@cycling4gaza.com.

3. Visa and Insurance

Visa Requirements:

Please click here to check whether you require a visa for entering the United States.

If you require a visa, please ensure you obtain one as soon as possible as processing time may take up to one month. More information can be found here.

Once you have obtained a visa please inform Cycling4Gaza: info@cycling4gaza.com


Proof of insurance covering you for this cycling event, including emergency repatriation, must be sent to us 4 weeks before the cycle, by the 3rd of September 2018. We recommend obtaining a general travel insurance policy with opt-ins for cycling (if this is available and usually it is), and for any accident or injury incurred while abroad. Failure to do this means you may risk forfeiting your place on the challenge. Those with local health coverage in their own countries will need to make sure you obtain international health coverage, which can be bought separately or as part of a travel insurance package.

4. Bike Rental

There are two options on the cycle, you may bring your own bicycle, or arrange to hire one for the duration of the cycle.

1. Your Own Bicycle: If you choose this option you must arrange transport to and from the US accordingly with the following guidelines in mind:

i. Ensure your airline provider allows for the transport of bikes, i.e. by inquiring about their sports luggage allowance and policies. Links are often found on the FAQ section of a website. For example: the Emirates site
ii. Packing your bike: Click here for instructions on how to pack your bike for a flight
iii. Make sure you bring two spare inner tubes and a bike bump in case of any issues

2. Hiring a Bicycle: You can hire a bike for the cycle for an extra cost not included in your registration, we are offering two bikes: a hybrid at $200 for 5 days and a road bike for $300 for 5 days. Please ensure you have confirmed whether you would like to rent a bike upon registration and you pay for the bike as you have previously done for your other expenses otherwise we will be unable to guarantee a bike for you on arrival.

5. What You Need to Bring


– A Helmet (or provided upon request if renting a bike)
– Cleats or clip on pedals if you are planning to use them
– 2 x water bottles
– Front and rear light in case of cycling after daylight hours


– Cycling gloves
– Padded cycling shorts (highly recommended)
– Water-proof jacket
– Energy gels
– Speedometer

6. Training Plan

We will cover long distances every day of the ride and we request you to please take this year’s cycle training very seriously. Please ensure you complete sufficient hill training, including a proficient understanding of which gears to use on climbs and descends. 
This is not meant to scare you. We think the cycle will be challenging, but doable with sufficient training. Schedule below gives you some guidance on mileage to cover over a 10 week period. However, this does not include mountain / hill training so make sure to incorporate that in your schedule.


Training Plan

Check out the following sites for tips on how to train:

  1. Bicycling
  2. Road Cycling UK


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